I’m often asked which tools I suggest for creating lean experiments. New tools arrive almost everyday, but I’ve found this list below to represent the easiest and most effective. Send me a note if you’d like to suggest a new tool…

Create Experiment Landing Pages with:

Let’s people build, publish and test landing pages without IT or software (advanced features)

Let’s people build, publish and test landing pages without IT

Create a VERY simple and viral “launching soon” page in minutes (minimal features)

WordPress (advanced option)
Create pages manually using WordPress. Get themes here (ThemeForest, WooThemes)
Get a domain name to use for your test, also provides easy WP hosting, email, etc.

WuFoo Forms
Simple web-based form builder you can add to any web page (include minimal analytics)

Find People to Experiment With

Get Outside the Building
The #1 thing you must do – interact with real customers on the street!!!

Google Adwords, Bing and Yahoo Ads, Facebook Ads
Pay-per-click advertising you can point to your landing pages
Free place to get access to customers REALLY quickly.

Enables you to perform your own online market research. Be careful when using surveys!

Provides fast, affordable feedback on your website and mobile apps within an hour
Community of people who will help with tasks for only $5 (they’ll tweet your idea)

Collect Data, Measure Behavior
Send event tracking data to multiple analytics platforms with one snippet of code (includes WP plugins)

Google Analytics
Free web page analytics from Google (works with most hosting platforms)

Measure engagement and customer behavior

Measure engagement and customer behavior

A/B testing with a snippet of code to insert in the page header.
Simple URL shortener and click-though tracker

Feature-rich URL shortener tracks location and source

Special offer “header banner” you can add to any web page with basic analytics.
Developers use to make meaning out of social sharing behavior.

Real-time chat for your web page, engage customers in real time

Live chat helps you to sell better and help your customer

Interact with customers and build relationships (advanced, longer term option)

Prototyping / Misc

Designing apps & wire-frames by sketching out your ideas quickly.

Provide user interaface design temaplates that enable you to prototype and test your app ideas using keynote, ppt, or open office.

Tracking Progress or Free Google Docs – Business Model Canvas
Collaboratively track your business model over time.